IMATS 2014


IMATS was a-mayzing!   There was so much makeup (obvi…) and awesome special effect makeup applications! There were even quite a few contstants from Syfy’s FaceOff! I love that show…I binge watch every season until the last few episodes so … Continue reading

Can’t Wait for IMATS, Can You?!

My best friend and I are going to IMATS LA this weekend (thanks Lexy for the birthday present!). I cannot wait to load up on makeup staples to last me through the rest of the month year. I am going to compile my wishlist so I don’t go too crazy this year buying impulsively.  I’m going to stick to this list!

Who am I kidding I have no self control, but I’m a natural actress; play along.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars $18


Yaoi (Teehee)


Black Metal Dahlia

(These names are my favorite ever)


Super NSFW Continue reading

Well hello there!

As my first post, I think it traditional that I introduce myself! It’s too bad that I always find such things difficult.

“What’s interesting about you?”

“Tell us about yourself!”

No. That’s too ha-ard! Fine, I concede.

I have a few addictions. I’ll list them in a relevant and chronological manner.

1st Books! My first and longest love! I have well over a few hundred and not nearly enough bookshelves. My dream home would mostly consist of library space (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?).

2nd Fashion! Clothes, accessories, shoes, purses! How could you ever have enough? Designer, thrifted, handmade, you name it– I want to own it. A significant percentage of said dream home would have closet space large enough to beautifully display all my fashion treasures.

3rd Makeup! Third, because as I said this list is chronological. Within the past few years I have really delved into the crazy world of makeup headfirst! Ouch. says my wallet. All I want is a dream home with a huge room for my makeup collection (and a closet and a library).

Dream big right?

Just a tiny glimpse into my interests, you’ll have to stay tuned to learn more!

You know…if you’re into that or whatever.