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My hair just grew 18″ all by itself. Said no one ever. You better believe I paid a pretty penny for all these hairs! So many Dollhairs for these hairs. I got Keratin hair extensions, is what I am blabbering about. I have a blended ombre on my hair that I have spent months toning into as white a blonde as possible, which was perfect when it came down to getting these extensions, since it was super easy to color match. Also, since my ombre is blended with my natural color, I saved a ton on the price of the actual extensions because I was able to mix brown with the blonde.

20140507_210446Please excuse the blurry phone picture, but I really wanted to convey the length! Lookit them hairs!

Here’s what’s up:

Bleach blonde extensions have to be treated differently. Meaning they are going to be more expensive than any other color. Bleaching takes out the pigment in hair and as my blonde people know, this can take a toll on hair and often leave it feeling brittle. Now, that happens to hair that is still attached to the scalp and has natural oils helping to keep it healthy and shiny. Imagine what happens to hair that is no longer attached to the scalp and isn’t getting those nutrients. Straw city, ya’ll! Because of this, the hair requires more care to keep it looking like healthy hair. Which means the hair people are going to charge exponentially more.

From the consultation to the application it took about a week. I went in for the consultation, since I wasn’t 100% on getting extensions. I was between getting a digital perm and extensions, obviously extensions won. Dawn my (new) stylist went over everything with me, showed me the swatches of hair and explaining the cost/ process. I then gave her my information so she could purchase the extensions, which by themselves ended up being about $250. They arrived the following Monday and I was able to go in on Wednesday of the same week. The application took about 2 hours! I was expecting at least 3! There were two bundles of blonde and one bundle of brunet and they had these weird tabs at the end, which is the Keratin glue.

The application process is basically grabbing a thin strand of hair, wrapping the Keratin glue end around said strand, and melting the glue to the hair using what I would describe as a miniature hooked straightening iron. Totally painless! She applied them most of the way up my scalp, but not around the crown, so it’s super easy to hide the bonds.

I honestly do not feel them! They don’t feel heavier and I have mistaken them for my actual hair multiple times. The only thing that is kind of annoying is that I can’t put my hair in a tight topknot or pony because the bonds will show.

Hair $250

Application $100

Mermaid hair  worth $All of the Dollhairs


Shout out to Dawn at Hot Choppers Salon in Thousand Oaks!

It’s not you, it’s my schedule

It’s been ages since I’ve made a post! I apologize loyal subjects readers!

Everything has been super crazy, so I haven’t had time to really focus on my posts or editing my pictures like I’ve wanted. I just started all of these projects and I have to put off certain things in order to do other things.

Projected Projects:

  1. Finish Cleaning My Stupid Garage!

I swear this project has been going on since I moved into this townhouse. Never has a car been parked in that garage! There is all this random stuff ranging from Christmas decorations to office supplies. Old pillows threaten to smother those who wander and craft supplies laugh from their ever evolving piles. A few months back we had a garage sale and for the first time (EVER!) one could walk freely from one side to the other! However, the Divorced Women’s Club decided to have a reunion and my mums friend stayed with us for an eternity a little over two months. The week before my mum decided it would maybe be a good idea to clean everything, but with so little time cleaning became “shove everything into the garage.”

And then it was…, “Back to Square One.”  This will take eons.

2. Painting Furniture!

F-furniture? You mean, the kind you buy at a store and use for stuff?! YES, the very same!

I’ve always been interested in updating old things into new things or just a better state. I recently purchased an old Typewriter table in a gorgeous tiffany blue, but boy did the previous owner not know how to paint! It was streaky and the top was pretty beat up. I stripped the old paint (and 3 other layers under it!),  sanded, primed, painted, and sealed!

“How cute am I?” says the table.

Available on Ventura Craigslist!


Then I worked on this little guy!

The top is a shade closer to minty green and the bottom is a gorgeous grey.

Available on Ventura Craigslist!

3. New Etsy and Storenvy Store!

Yes, this is happening you guys. I know you have been holding your breath (that is quite the shade of purple, dear). They’re still under wraps; I don’t want to shock the world until they’re tip top and ready to go! This is going to take a lot of work, but I so look forward to it!


All of this on top of full time work, school, and two soon to start courses. If I keep working I won’t notice how poor I am, right? Tell me I’m pretty right!

IMATS 2014


IMATS was a-mayzing!   There was so much makeup (obvi…) and awesome special effect makeup applications! There were even quite a few contstants from Syfy’s FaceOff! I love that show…I binge watch every season until the last few episodes so … Continue reading

Can’t Wait for IMATS, Can You?!

My best friend and I are going to IMATS LA this weekend (thanks Lexy for the birthday present!). I cannot wait to load up on makeup staples to last me through the rest of the month year. I am going to compile my wishlist so I don’t go too crazy this year buying impulsively.  I’m going to stick to this list!

Who am I kidding I have no self control, but I’m a natural actress; play along.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars $18


Yaoi (Teehee)


Black Metal Dahlia

(These names are my favorite ever)


Super NSFW Continue reading

Well hello there!

As my first post, I think it traditional that I introduce myself! It’s too bad that I always find such things difficult.

“What’s interesting about you?”

“Tell us about yourself!”

No. That’s too ha-ard! Fine, I concede.

I have a few addictions. I’ll list them in a relevant and chronological manner.

1st Books! My first and longest love! I have well over a few hundred and not nearly enough bookshelves. My dream home would mostly consist of library space (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?).

2nd Fashion! Clothes, accessories, shoes, purses! How could you ever have enough? Designer, thrifted, handmade, you name it– I want to own it. A significant percentage of said dream home would have closet space large enough to beautifully display all my fashion treasures.

3rd Makeup! Third, because as I said this list is chronological. Within the past few years I have really delved into the crazy world of makeup headfirst! Ouch. says my wallet. All I want is a dream home with a huge room for my makeup collection (and a closet and a library).

Dream big right?

Just a tiny glimpse into my interests, you’ll have to stay tuned to learn more!

You know…if you’re into that or whatever.